4M Kidz Labs / Metal Detector Robot 00-03297

Build your very own treasure finding device with the 4M Metal Detector Robot. Learn about mechanics and assemble a working device that sends alarms at the detection of unseen metal artifacts above or beneath the surface. Your friends will be amazed. Hunt for buried treasure on the beach or your back yard by driving the robot back and forth with the remote control. When you hear it beep, you have found something metallic. The metal detector unit is detachable and usable as a hand-held metal detector. This kit contains: 1 chassis (with axle and gear installed), 1 motor with wires and worm gear, 1 motor cover, 1 metal detector, 1 base plate for eyes, 2 stick-on eyes, 1 switch lever, 1 gear, 1 axle, 1 short axle, 1 remote-control with switch and wires, 1 battery cover, 4 terminal caps, screws, washer screw, 1 connecting cable, 4 wheels and detailed instructions for assembly. Recommended for ages 8 and up
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